« Your Natural Food Store » is back Online!

Welcome to the online home of the Sussex County Food Co-op (SCFC), located in the county seat in Newton, New Jersey USA.

Originally formed as a buying club in the 1970s, the present co-op was established in 1980 as a not-for-profit natural foods consumer cooperative with a brick-and-mortar retail store open to the public.

Our patrons include about 300 member households plus members of the public residing in surrounding counties in New York state and Pennsylvania as well as nearby areas of New Jersey.

SCFC members have been working together for more than thirty years to supply themselves and their neighbors with access to high-quality natural and organic foods, including locally-produced foodstuffs. Among other items, SCFC offers locally-grown produce in season, honey, eggs, chicken, and seasonal baked goods. Handmade pottery and textile crafts from local artisans are also for sale.

Many of our members and patrons have special dietary needs. Our shelves are stocked with specialty foods free of dairy, gluten, wheat, soy, tree nuts, and other allergens. In addition to food and personal care products for humans of all ages, SCFC also offers pet food for cats and dogs.