We gladly accept special orders from members of the public as well as co-op members. Please stop by the co-op in person to place your order or to speak with a Manager for information on product availability, delivery times, and the co-op’s ordering schedule.

The co-op places its orders with United Natural Foods on Mondays. We usually receive the weekly deliveries bright and early on Thursday mornings. A word to the wise: Drop off you special request by Friday or Saturday so the managers have time to include it in the weekly order.

If time is of the essence, please let us know when you place your order. Better yet, give us plenty of lead time.

Be advised that our distributors are sometimes out of stock on a given item, and that it may be necessary for us to re-order. Sometimes the manufacturer simply cannot keep up with demand, and it may be weeks (or even months) before the item is available again. Think of how drought or frost can destroy or decimate crops such as coffee and citrus. Sometimes products are discontinued, renamed or reformulated.

We do not accept special orders over the phone.

We will telephone you when your items arrive, and will hold them for you for three weeks in the Special Orders area. Kindly pick up your merchandise as soon as possible. Space is tight. Have mercy!

Download Special Order Form

Special Order Form REV
Special Order Form REV
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