DairyButterworks Farm organic yogurthttp://www.butterworksfarm.com/
DairyHawthorne Valley Farm Biodynamic yogurthttp://hawthornevalleyfarm.org/
DairyHorizon Organic half and half, butterhttp://www.horizonDairy.com/
DairyNatural By Nature grass-fed Dairy productshttp://www.natural-by-nature.com/
DairyOld Chatham Sheepherding Company – sheep’s milk yogurthttp://www.blacksheepcheese.com/
DairyOrganic Valley Dairy productshttp://www.organicvalley.coop/
DairySeven Stars Farm – biodynamic yogurt
DairyYogurt, organic and Biodynamic cow’s milk; sheep’s milk


FoodAgar agar – seaweed gel; Japanese “kanten”
FoodAh!Laska organic cocoa – nSpired Natural Foodshttp://www.ahlaska.com/
FoodAlmond “cheese” vegan
FoodAmy’s Kitchen vegetarian prepared Foods, canned soupshttp://www.amys.com/
FoodAlvarado Street Bakery bread, bagelshttp://www.alvaradostreetbakery.com/
FoodAlbert’s Organics various organic Foodshttp://www.albertsorganics.com/
FoodAmerican Miso Company (Miso Master brand)http://www.great-eastern-sun.com/
FoodAmerican Natural Snacks (Mi-Del) cookies and crackershttp://www.ans-natural.com/
FoodAncient Harvest Quinoa (Quinoa Corporation)http://www.quinoa.net/
FoodAnnie’s Homegrown pasta productshttp://www.annies.com/
FoodAnnie’s Naturals salad dressings, marinades, mustardshttp://www.annies.com/
FoodArrowhead MillsBearitos chips
Breadshop’s granolas
Boston’s popcorn
Casbah prepared Food mixes
DeBoles artichoke pasta
Farm Foods Frozen organic Food products
Hain Pure Foods
Little Bear snacks
Nile Spice instant soups
FoodBaking chips, bulkhttp://www.sunspire.com/
FoodBarbara’s Bakery cereals, snackshttp://www.barbarasbakery.com/
FoodBarlean’s Organic Oils – Borage, Flax Seed; ground flax seedhttp://www.barleans.com/
FoodBeans, canned and dried
FoodBeefsteak plant (Japanese “shiso”)
FoodBiodynamic Foods – Hawthorne Valley Farm yogurt; Seven Stars Farm yogurt;http://hawthornevalleyfarm.org/
FoodBiodynamic Foods – Cafe Altura Coffeehttp://www.cafealtura.com/
FoodBiodynamic Foods – Refer to the Demeter Association for information on certified U.S. Biodynamic Food producers and their wares.http://www.demeter-usa.org/
FoodBiodynamic Foods – See also the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (BDA) for more information.https://www.biodynamics.com/
FoodBionaturae organic organic imported pasta, olive oilhttp://www.bionaturae.com/
FoodBob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. whole grain productshttp://www.bobsredmill.com/
FoodBorage oil (Barlean’s)http://www.barleans.com/
FoodBragg’s Liquid Aminos
FoodThe Breadshop’s Natural Foods – granolas (Arrowhead Mills)
FoodBrownies (ready-made and mixes)
FoodBubbies of San Francisco – lacto-fermented kosher dill pickleshttp://www.bubbies.com/
FoodCascadian Farm organic preserves, pickleshttp://www.cascadianfarm.com/
FoodCarob (powder, chips, candy)
FoodChickpeas (garbanzos)
FoodCultured soy
FoodDarielle low-carb pasta
FoodDeBoles – pasta products (Arrowhead Mills)
FoodDried fruit – some organic (i.e. unsulfured), some without added sugar: apples (sliced), apricots (organic Turkish and sulfured), bananas (whole and chips), coconut (shredded), currants (dinky raisins), dates (deglet noor “fingers of light”, pieces, pitted), figs (white and Black Mission), prunes, pineapple (slices), mango, papaya (spears), pears, cranberries, blueberries, cherries, raisins
FoodEarthrise Nutritionals, Inc. spirulina productshttp://earthrise.com/
FoodEden Foods pasta, Japanese Foodshttp://www.edenFoods.com/
FoodEggs, fresh – local
FoodEnviroKidz organic cerealshttp://www.envirokidz.com/
FoodEner-G Foods, Inc. – rice pasta products
FoodEzekiel sprouted-grain breads, tortillas (Food for Life Bakery)
FoodFantastic Foods ethnic and regional cuisineshttp://www.fantasticfoods.com/
FoodFearn Natural Foods – lecithin granules, flour productshttp://www.modernfearn.com/
FoodFlavorganics organic syrups and flavorings
FoodFlax seed products: oil (liquid & capsules); whole & ground seed
FoodSome call it flax, some call it linseed … Flax Food Products List – by product type, product name / description and manufacturer plus current quotes on “What’s Everybody Saying About Flax”
FoodFlorida Crystals organic cane sugarhttp://www.floridacrystals.com
FoodFood Directions, Inc. (Tinkyada) – rice pastahttp://www.tinkyada.com/
FoodFood for Life Bakery – Ezekiel sprouted whole-grain baked goods, tortillas; breads & muffins for special diets
FoodFrontier Natural Products Co-op herbs & spices, essential oils (Frontier Natural Brands)http://www.frontiercoop.com/
FoodFrookies – baked goods
FoodFruit, canned, Frozen, dried; fresh in season
FoodGarbanzos (chickpeas)
FoodGarden of Eatin’ chips and snackshttp://www.gardenofeatin.com/
FoodGluten (baking ingredient; meat substitute)
FoodGluten-Free Pantry baking mixeshttp://www.glutenfree.com/
FoodGluten-free products
FoodThe Hain Celestial Group – (Hain Pure Foods, Celestial Seasonings, Arrowhead Mills, among other brands).http://www.hain-celestial.com/
FoodHeaven Scent Natural Foods – baked goods
FoodHummus, fresh; instant mixes
FoodJennies Macaroons (Red Mill Farms)
FoodJust Tomatoes dried fruit and veggies
FoodKame – Japanese rice crackers
FoodKasha (buckwheat groats)
FoodKashi cerealshttp://www.kashi.com/
FoodKing Arthur Flourhttp://www.kingarthurflour.com/
FoodKuzu (Japanese arrowroot; thickener)
FoodKyolic garlic products (Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd.)http://kyolic.com/
FoodLegumes — see beans, peas
FoodLentils (red, green, French)
FoodLittle Lad granola, nuts, herbal popcorn
FoodLotus Foods imported gourmet ricehttp://www.worldofrice.com/
FoodLuna Bars
FoodLundberg Family Farms rice products, Bean and Rice Chipshttp://www.lundberg.com/
FoodMaranatha Nut Butters (nSpired Natural Foods)http://www.sunspire.com/
FoodMeat substitutes
FoodMi-Del (American Natural Snacks) cookies and crackershttp://www.ans-natural.com/
FoodMiso Master (American Miso Company)http://www.great-eastern-sun.com/
FoodMori-Nu – tofu
FoodMuir Glen Organic Tomato Productshttp://www.muirglen.com/
FoodMustard – everything from whole brown and yellow seeds in the bulk spice department to organic prepared mustard in various flavors including raspberry and horseradish
FoodNasoya soy productshttp://www.vitasoy-usa.com/
FoodNatural Value – SCFC’s “house brand” of canned goods, kitchen wrap, Food storage bagshttp://www.naturalvalue.com/
FoodNature’s Path/Lifestream organic cereal, bread, waffleshttp://www.naturespath.com/
FoodNature’s Way herbal productshttp://www.naturesway.com/
FoodNewman’s Own prepared Food products, snackshttp://www.newmansown.com/
FoodNew Morning – organic graham crackers, cereals
FoodNielsen-Massey vanilla extractshttp://www.nielsenmassey.com/
FoodNOW Supplements – vitamins, minerals, herbs, whole-Food extractshttp://www.nowFoods.com/
FoodnSpired Natural Foods bulk candies, snacks, baking chipshttp://www.sunspire.com/
FoodNutrilicious Natural Bakery, Inc. baked goods
FoodNuts and seeds (bulk)
FoodOetker Simple Organics cake and icing mixeshttp://www.oetker.ca/
FoodOlio Beato Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
FoodOlives – loads of links at The Australian Olive Associationhttp://www.australianolives.com.au/
FoodOrganic Gourmet sauce mixes
FoodOur Family Farm cookies
FoodPamela’s Products baked goodshttp://www.pamelasproducts.com/
FoodPeas, dried
FoodPickles, including dill, sweet relish, balsamic cippolini onions, sushi ginger
FoodPie filling, canned
FoodPopcorn, herbal (Little Lad)
FoodPulses — see beans, peas
FoodRamen (Sokensha Co. Ltd.)
FoodRed Mill Farms – Jennies Macaroons
FoodRed Mill grains (Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc.)http://www.bobsredmill.com/
FoodRice (brown, Jasmine, Basmati, Arborio, Bhutanese red, mochi, even white…)
FoodRice cakes
FoodRice crackers, Japanese (Kame)
FoodRice parmesan (Soyco Foods / Galaxy Foods Co.)
FoodRice pasta, Tinkyada (Food Directions, Inc.)http://www.tinkyada.com/
FoodRice syrup (sweetener)
FoodRudi’s Organic Bakery organic breadshttp://www.rudisbakery.com/
FoodSalad dressing, prepared
FoodSami’s Bakeryhttp://www.samisbakery.com/
FoodSanta Cruz Natural – organic fruit products
FoodSea vegetables (“seaweed”), Pacific varieties including wakame, kombu, nori, as well as species from the Atlantic (dulse [red], Alaria)
FoodSeeds and nuts, bulk
FoodSesame seeds
FoodShariAnn’s Organic canned soup, beans, pumpkinhttp://www.hain-celestial.com/
FoodSheep’s milk yogurt – Old Chatham Sheepherding Companyhttp://www.blacksheepcheese.com/
FoodShelton’s Poultry, Inc. chicken and turkey productshttp://www.sheltons.com/
FoodShiloh Farms Bakeryhttp://www.users.nwark.com
FoodShiso (Japanese “beefsteak plant”)
FoodShoyu (soy sauce)
FoodSorghum syrup
FoodSoup, canned; dry mixes
FoodSoy, cultured
FoodSoyBoy – soy products
FoodSoy sauce (shoyu, tamari)
FoodSpectrum Naturals organic oils, margarine, condimentshttp://www.hain-celestial.com/
FoodSpirulina products (Earthrise Nutritionals, Inc.)http://www.earthrise.com/
FoodSpring Tree Maple Productshttp://www.springtree.com/
FoodStevia (herbal sweetener)
FoodSucanat granulated organic cane juice (Wholesome Sweeteners)http://www.wholesomesweeteners.com/
FoodSunneen Health Foods – ready-made vegetarian sandwiches, salads, egg rolls
FoodSunspire bulk candies and baking chips (nSpired Natural Foods)http://www.sunspire.com/
FoodTahini (sesame)
FoodTamari (soy sauce)
FoodThai Kitchen oriental Foods and condimentshttp://www.thaikitchen.com/
FoodThe Breadshop’s Natural Foods – granolas (Arrowhead Mills)
FoodTierra Farm organic nutshttp://www.tierrafarm.com/
FoodTinkyada rice pasta products (Food Directions, Inc.)http://www.tinkyada.com/
FoodTofu (fresh; aseptically-packaged firm, soft, silken varieties)
FoodTofurky (Turtle Island Foods, Inc.)http://www.tofurkey.com/
FoodTerra Chips snackshttp://www.terrachips.com/
FoodTVP (textured vegetable protein)
FoodUnio olive oil
FoodUnited Natural Foods, Inc.https://www.unfi.com/Default.aspx
FoodVegan “cheese” products (Soyco Foods / Galaxy Foods Co.; Soymage)
FoodVegetables, fresh, canned, dried “Bacon” bits, vegetarian
FoodVinegar – apple cider, balsamic, raspberry
FoodVitasoy soy productshttp://www.vitasoy-usa.com/
FoodVitaSpelt spelt products (Purity Foods)http://www.natureslegacyforlife.com/
FoodWalnut Acreshttp://www.walnutacres.com/
FoodWestbrae Naturals Food productshttp://www.westbrae.com/
FoodWestsoy soy productshttp://www10.westsoy.com/
FoodWheat gluten (baking ingredient; vegetarian “meat” products)
FoodWhey powder
FoodWhite Wave, Inc. Silk soy productshttp://www.whitewave.com/
FoodWholesome Sweeteners organic Sucanat (Sugar Cane Natural), organic evaporated cane juicehttp://www.wholesomesweeteners.com/
FoodWild rice
FoodYeast, baking, brewer’s and primary-grown nutritional


Food; beveragesAloe vera juice
Food; beveragesBetter Than Milk – soy beverage
Food; beveragesCafe Altura certified biodynamic coffeehttp://www.cafealtura.com/
Food; beveragesCelestial Seasonings herbal teahttp://www.celestialseasonings.com/
Food; beveragesCoconut milk, canned
Food; beveragesCoffee, instant organic, regular and decaf – Mt. Hagen
Food; beveragesCoffee substitutes – Inka, Roma, Cafix
Food; beveragesEdensoy soy milk productshttp://www.edenFoods.com/store/
Food; beveragesGood Migrations organic coffee- Coffee Traders, Inc.http://txcoffeetraders.stores.yahoo.net
Food; beveragesJim’s Organic Coffeehttp://www.jimsorganiccoffee.com/
Food; beveragesJuices, fruit and vegetable; fresh and bottled
Food; beveragesKombucha (bottled)http://www.synergydrinks.com/
Food; beveragesLong Life Teashttp://long-life.com/
Food; beveragesMartinelli’s Sparkling Ciderhttp://www.martinellis.com/
Food; beveragesMt. Hagen organic instant coffee, regular and decaf
Food; beveragesNUMI herbal “teasans”http://www.numitea.com/
Food; beveragesReed’s Original Beverage Corporation ginger soft drinks and ice creamhttp://www.reedsinc.com/
Food; beveragesRice Dream Dairy-free beverages – Imagine Foodshttp://www.imagineFoods.com/
Food; beveragesRoma coffee substitute
Food; beveragesSoy Dream Dairy-free beverages – Imagine Foodshttp://www.imagineFoods.com/
Food; beveragesTea bags, organic and Biodynamic, black and green – Barrows
Food; beveragesTeecino Caffe herbal coffee substitutehttp://teecino.com/
Food; beveragesUncle Lee’s Teahttp://www.unclelee.com/


FrozenAmy’s Kitchen vegetarian burritos and pizzahttp://www.amys.com/
FrozenApplegate Farms chicken pot pies, ham & cheese pocket sandwicheshttp://www.applegatefarms.com/
FrozenCascadian Farm organic Frozen Foodhttp://www.cascadianfarm.com/
FrozenCelentano – Rosina’s pasta productshttp://www1.celentano.com/
FrozenHealth Is Wealth Foods, Inc.http://www.healthiswealthFoods.com/
FrozenHip Whip Frozen non-Dairy whipped topping – Now and Zenhttp://www.nowandzen.net/
FrozenImagine Foods Rice Dream & Soy Dream Dairy-free dessertshttp://www.imagineFoods.com/
FrozenJuices, fruit and vegetable concentrates
FrozenNature’s Pathhttp://www.naturespath.com/
FrozenOkara soy product; available as patties
FrozenPhyllo dough
FrozenQuorn meat-free mycoprotein products: entrees, cutlets, tenders – Marlow Foods Limited; Quorn Foods Inc.http://www.quorn.com/
FrozenSoy Delicious desserts – Turtle Mountainhttp://www.turtlemountain.com/
FrozenTofutti Frozen non-Dairy desserts
FrozenTurtle Mountain Soy Delicious non-Dairy dessertshttp://www.turtlemountain.com/
FrozenVan’s waffles – Belgian and mini


GiftsBaraka; neti pots, aroma burners, French Atlantic grey sea salt http://www.sinussupport.com/
GiftsKurt Meyer, fine woodworking; ornaments, earringshttp://www.kurtmeyer.com/
GiftsMaggie’s Functional Organics; scarveshttp://www.maggiesorganics.com/
GiftsMarcia Pepe; earrings, chakra bracelethmpepe@ptd.net
GiftsrePETe by Chico Bag; bottle sling, bagshttp://www.chicobag.com/
GiftsSunbeam Candleshttp://www.sunbeamcandles.com/


Non-FoodAir Scense air freshener (Shadow Lake, Inc.)http://www.citrasolv.com/
Non-FoodAromaland aromatherapy productshttp://www.aromaland.com/
Non-FoodAura Cacia essential oils, aromatherapy – Frontier Natural Brandshttps://www.auracacia.com/
Non-FoodCitra-Solv cleaning products – Shadow Lake, Inc.http://www.citrasolv.com/
Non-FoodEcover cleaning productshttp://www.ecover.com/
Non-FoodEcos cleaning productshttp://www.ecos.com/
Non-FoodParchment paper imported by A. V. Olsson Trading Co., Inc.http://www.avolsson.com/
Non-FoodPeak Fresh Bagshttp://peakfresh.com/peakfresh/
Non-FoodSeeds and equipment for sprouting
Non-FoodSeventh Generation cleaning supplieshttp://www.seventhgeneration.com/


Personal CareAlaffiahttp://www.alaffia.com/
Personal CareAloe vera cosmetics
Personal CareAubrey Organicshttp://www.aubrey-organics.com/
Personal CareAuromere Ayurvedic body care products, incensehttp://www.auromere.com/
Personal CareAustralian Organics hair care productshttp://www.australianorganics.com/
Personal CareBadgerhttp://www.badgerbalm.com/
Personal CareDerma-Ehttp://www.dermae.com/
Personal CareDesert Essence Products Personal Care – Country Lifehttp://www.desertessence.com/
Personal CareDr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, incl. castile
Personal CareEarth Therapeutics Ltd. Personal Care productshttp://www.earththerapeutics.com/
Personal CareGiovannihttp://www.giovannicosmetics.com/
Personal CareGlycerine soap – Clearly Natural Products
Personal CareGrandpa’s Soapshttp://www.essentialdayspa.com/
Personal CareHemp – fabric, oil
Personal CareHeritagehttp://heritagestore.com/
Personal CareHoneybee Gardens
Personal CareJason Natural Cosmetics Personal Care productshttp://www.jason-natural.com/
Personal CareKiss My Facehttp://www.kissmyface.com/
Personal CareMill Creek – hair care products
Personal CareNatracare feminine hygiene productshttp://www.natracare.com/en-GB/
Personal CareNature’s Gate Levlad, Inc. skin and hair care productshttp://www.levlad.com/
Personal CareNature’s Way herbal productshttp://www.naturesway.com/
Personal CareNeti potshttp://www.himalayaninstitute.org
Personal CareNutriBiotic Personal Care productshttp://www.nutribiotic.com/
Personal CareOrganic Threads – cotton socks
Personal CareThe Peelu Company – natural dental products, chewing gum
Personal CarePlant lifehttp://www.plantlife.net/
Personal CareTea tree oil, alone and in a wide variety of Personal Care products
Personal CareThayer’s slippery elm and witch hazel productshttp://www.thayers.com/
Personal CareTom’s of Maine Personal Care productshttp://www.tomsofmaine.com/
Personal CareUdo’s Choice oils – Flora, Inc.http://www.florahealth.com/
Personal CareWeleda shampoo, soap, toothpaste, baby care productshttp://www.weleda.com/
Personal CareWitch hazel – Thayer’shttp://www.thayers.com/


PetsCitricidal professional strength grapefruit seed extract (GSE)http://www.nutriteam.com/
PetsDr. Bronner’s Magic Soapshttp://www.drbronner.com/
Pets; catsMeowie Zowie organic catnip
Pets; catsNatural Value – our “house brand” of canned pet Foodhttp://www.naturalvalue.com/
Pets; dogsMr. Barky’s – dog biscuits
Pets; dogs & catsActiPet Nutraceutical Corporation nutritional Supplementshttp://www.nutraceutical.com/
Pets; dogs & catsFlea collars, herbal
Pets; dogs & catsFlea powder – Green Ban
Pets; dogs & catsHalo Purely for Pets e.g. Spot’s Stew, Dream Coathttp://www.haloPets.com/
Pets; dogs & catsNutriBiotic grapefruit seed extracthttp://www.nutribiotic.com/
Pets; dogs & catsPetGuard Food and nutritional products for dogs and catshttp://www.petguard.com/
Pets; informationHolistic Animal Health: Animal Diseases and their Natural Care” at Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson’s MyWellnessHouse website dedicated to promoting natural health for people and animalshttp://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/


ProduceProduce; Albert’s Organicshttp://www.albertsorganics.com/
ProduceProduce, seasonal, local, organic


SupplementsAlacer Corp. Emergen-C Supplementshttp://www.emergenc.com/
SupplementsBoericke & Tafel – homeopathic products
SupplementsBoiron homeopathicshttp://www.boiron.com/
SupplementsCarlson’s Norwegian cod liver oil (regular and lemon flavored – yum!)
SupplementsCountry Life Supplementshttp://www.country-life.com/
SupplementsFlora, Inc. Udo’s Choice, Sambu, FlorEssence Supplementshttp://www.florahealth.com/
SupplementsNature’s Way herbal products Supplementshttp://www.naturesway.com/
SupplementsNutraceutical Corporation Supplements KAL, Solarayhttp://www.nutraceutical.com/
SupplementsNutriBiotic Citricidal grapefruit seed extract, Supplementshttp://www.nutribiotic.com/
SupplementsProbiotics e.g., Acidophilus, L. bifidus
SupplementsSambucol – black elderberry extract
SupplementsSupplements (vitamin, mineral, herbal, nutraceutical)
SupplementsTwin Lab Supplementshttp://www.twinlab.com/