Seasonal Specials

Be sure to special order your holiday turkey or Tofurky Feast. Look for the sign-up sheet at the check-out counter.


Organic coffee and tea (black, green and herbal), chai, fruit and vegetable juices; locally-produced preservative-free fresh cider; soft drinks; bottled water; sparkling beverages; sports drinks


Ketchup; mustard; pickles; relishes; organic vinegars and oils; salad dressings; tahini; nut butters; mayonnaise; olives; salsa; seaweed; Thai and Japanese food items; roasted peppers; soy sauce; anchovy-free Worcestershire sauce; bisulfite-free coconut milk

Dairy Products

Fresh organic and Biodynamic yogurt; cheese; organic half-and-half and whipped cream; canned goat milk; powdered milk and buttermilk; ice cream and sorbet
Local eggs year round

Dairy-Free Products

Soy, rice and almond beverages; non-dairy “cheeses”; margarines and spreads; coffee lightener; frozen desserts

Foods for Special Diets

Macrobiotic; vegan; vegetarian; PKU; lactose-free; low-carbohydrate; gluten-free; sugar-free; low salt

Natural Foods

Pasta; cereals; oils; non-irradiated spices; bread, rolls, bagels; organic flours; dried and canned beans; grains; herbs; granola; dried fruit; nuts; local honey, sweeteners; Local and Natural Eggs, Duck and Goose Eggs as well.

Organic Produce

Locally-grown fruit and vegetables in season
Frozen veggies and fruits year round
Organic fruit and vegetables from Albert’s Organics year round

Prepared Foods

Fresh each Wednesday from Sunneen Bakery and Health foods of Allentown, PA; ready-made vegetarian sandwiches, salads, egg rolls, hummus

Canned goods: frozen foods; pie crust and filling; vegan gelatin dessert; aluminum-free baking powder; baking yeast; soup and gravy mixes; canned fish; tofu; gluten products; soy products; preservative-free bacon; chicken and turkey sausage; whole wheat breaded fish sticks and chicken nuggets; frozen waffles; jams and preserves; pizza; edamame  (Japanese-style green soybeans); ghee, baby food; arrowroot teething biscuits

Snack Foods

Candies, cookies, crackers, chips, dips, organic chocolate (for baking and hot cocoa, too!) – in dark, semisweet, white and milk, with and without fruit and nuts; carob goodies, low-carb and high-protein energy bars; reduced-fat potato chips and popcorn; spelt pretzels


Vitamins; minerals; herbs; probiotics
Special orders welcome!



Baby Care

Teething cookies; food grinders; skin care products; wipes; un-petroleum jelly


A selection of books and magazines


Environmentally-friendly cleaning products for kitchen, bathroom, laundry


Organic cotton socks; underwear; cosmetic gloves

Gift Items

Scented candles; pottery; gourmet coffee

Kitchen Appliances

Juicers, bread machines and other small electric appliances by special order; manual grain mills; coffee grinders; sprouting equipment

Paper Goods

Food handling supplies; waxed paper goods; plastic bags and wrap; coffee filters; aluminum foil; baking parchment; muffin liners

Personal Care

Feminine hygiene products; shampoo; liquid and bar soap; shower gel; bath salts; essential oils; aromatherapy products; herbal hair coloring; loofahs; moisturizers; brushes; mouthwash; dental care items; insect repellent

Pet Care

Pet food for dogs and cats; herbal flea collars; nutritional supplements; kitty litter; treats — including organic catnip and dog biscuits


Homeopathic, herbal and naturopathic remedies; topical salves; Tiger Balm

SCFC Tote Bags

 Our own cotton tote bags — save a tree!