Working Member:  As a working member in good standing, it is mandatory to work two hours per month either in the Co-op during business hours or performing a specified task off-site or after hours.

Typical on-site tasks include: packaging, weighing and pricing bulk items, light duty stocking of shelves, filling bins and spice jars and housekeeping.

The Co-op’s Job Scheduler arranges the members work schedule and hours worked are recorded each month.  Should an emergency arise, telephone the store to speak with the manager on duty to reschedule your work hours.  Non-fulfillment of the monthly work commitment will result in payment of a monthly fee of $10.00/hour for each hour not worked or payment of the public price for purchases the following month.

Please note the Sussex County Health Department prohibits food handling by minors.

Non-Working Member:  Non-working members pay an additional $20/month at the beginning of each month.  Non-payment of the monthly fee will result in payment of the public price for purchases.

Non-working members choosing to pay for membership in advance receive a 10% discount by paying $216.00 for the full year.