Find the fun in making music together.
Group drumming is a great way to have fun. Even if you’re not musical or have no rhythm you can enjoy a drum circle. There is nothing you have to learn, no tests, no judgement.

During the drum circle we will:
Learn how to handle and play hand drums
Learn to listen, find the pulse, and play in time with the group
Learn how to play with any rhythm using basic patterns
Learn how to recover when you have fallen off of the rhythm
Learn about the different types of instruments and how they combine to create a satisfying circle
Benefits of Drumming:
Drumming activates both sides of the brain
Drumming helps us reconnect to our body and our body’s wisdom
Drumming is fun and groovy
Drumming has been shown to have multiple health benefits; it strengthens the immune system, reduces chronic pain, helps people heal faster after surgery.
Bring your drums and rattles or use mine.

Dave’s mission is to remind people of the joy of making music. He creates an fun, low pressure space where people relax, enjoy themselves and rekindle that music making spark. He emphasizes creativity and self expression. Dave Karlberg has been part of the drumming community for 17 years. He has studied traditional rhythms of the African Diaspora, and has been a member of many public performances. Dave has studied Drum Circle Facilitation with Arthur Hull and Jim Donovan.

Fee:  $10 members, $15 non-members

Please call the co-op at 973-579-1882 to rsvp

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