The co-op buys in bulk so you don’t have to.

Purchasing grains, flour, nuts, pasta, dried fruit and other foods in bulk amounts of, say, 25 pounds, enables the co-op to obtain products not usually found in conventional supermarkets — as well as to pass along cost savings.

If you only need a cup of sugar or a couple of teaspoons of spices, we’ll be happy to sell you that much. On the other hand, if you use lots of something like soy milk, we’ll gladly special order your favorite brand by the case.

Talk about economical! You can buy the amount you need, when you need it or bring in your own container and fill it with our bulk goods.  Try doing that at a supermarket or wholesale club.

On an ecologically virtuous note, purchasing in bulk cuts down on the amount of cardboard and shrink-wrap packaging that ultimately winds up in a landfill (if consumers don’t recycle it).